Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mt. Tremper Fire Tower April 19, 2011

Continuing our ADK Fire Tower Challenge adventures, we went down to the Catskill Mountains, about 20 miles west of Kingston to challenge Mt. Tremper. It is billed as a 3 mile trek with an elevation climb of about 2000 feet. It is billed as a "moderate" hike up. Well, it lived up to its billing on a cool and rainy day. We completed it with the great view of the fire tower as exhibited here. :-) It was a tough climb after months of "flatlander" hiking in Florida over the winter, but it's in the books now!

Although Overlook Mountain was the next one scheduled for April 21st, a stone induced, foot arch bruise on this trek has sidelined Roger for at least a few days. But it will be re-scheduled when he is up to it and it can be resheduled, probably the second weekend in June. Stay tuned as we progress through the summer.

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