Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hunter Mountain - June 26, 2011 - Rip VanWinkle

We met Rip VanWinkle on this firetower trek! He fell asleep near here in the late 1700's and slept for twenty years. completely missing the American Revolution. Then woke up to a whole new world. At least that's the fictional story according to author Washington Irving in his short stories book published in 1819. Located at about the 3200 foot level of Hunter mountain, just off the high point of the Colonels Chair lift, is a memorial to good old "Rip". It took 14 years to complete this monument out of a chunk of 8 tons of blue sandstone by sculptor, Kevin VanHenteryck. Oh, yea, we found it at the END of our 4 mile, RT hike, up about 900 feet to the Hunter Mountain Firetower. Did we mention that? The photo is of Rip, not Roger; although they are about the same age. :-)

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