Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Hill Firetower - Re-do - June 12, 2011

In December of 2010 we climbed this mountain in 6 inches of snow. But.... Someone forgot to get the GPS reading at the summit! And since we ALWAYS do what we write about, it had to be done once again. But this time it was even better. On top, we met "Vince" hanging out 8 stories high on the tower. He was the volunteer "Tower Guide" according to his sign in at the base. And, he had the keys to get up into the "cab" at the top where the observers watched for fires. Even Roger, who hates heights, couldn't resist climbing up the nine stories to the top and looking out. It was the first time he has climbed to the top of one of these firetowers. It was a limited view on a foggy day, but Roger remembered to get his reading this time! It was a fun trip, no matter what the reason. And Vince was a good "Tower Guide" for us.

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