Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lyon Mountain - August 24, 2011 - 3830 feet

We found the trailhead without any difficulty. But the trail, that was a different story. We wanted to go up the green trail and back down the red trail for a loop trail. We decided that from our research from the book on firetowers and other info from the Internet. Turns out none of our sources of information were correct. All were outdated! Couldn't find the GREEN trail, because we believe there never WAS a green trail. And the steep red trail is still there, but no longer marked because the non-existent green trail is now the red trail. We sorted it all out! (That's what we do.) The new RED trail consists of a series of switchbacks that make the 1900 foot climb a little more enjoyable, albeit a mile longer. Once we sorted it out and climbed for about 3 hours, all was good and we actually found a firetower with great views, even on a hazy day. The photo is proof that it exists, at the end of the CURRENT red trail! Life is good.

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