Thursday, August 4, 2011

Owls Head Mountain - August 4, 2011

We climbed up to this firetower today at 2780 feet, sometimes looking funny climbing on our hands and knees. But that's not as funny as a story we found about an Owls Head Fire Observer and his wife, who lived here for many years. One very hot day the observer sent his wife down the mountain to get some groceries and beer. When she got back, the wife began her trek back up the mountain with her supplies in her pack basket. Well, along the way she got thirsty so she put the pack basket down and drank a beer. She then threw the can off to the side and continued her journey up the mountain. It was a VERY hot day, and she had to take a few more breaks along the way and proceeded to drink a beer with every break. A trail of empty cans marked her path to the tower.

When she finally reached the cabin, her husband looked inside the pack basket to retrieve a beer to quench his thirst from a long hot day in the tower. He searched and searched but could not find a single beer. He yelled, " Hey, I thought I told you to get some beer!"

His wife replied, " You did, it is very hot, and I got thirsty along the way!"

Here is a picture of the firetower at the top of Owls Head Mountain, and that pink dot at the base of it is Kate. She managed to make it all the way to the top with enough beer for us each to enjoy one to celebrate our climb. That makes 19 of 28 mountains done to date!

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