Monday, September 26, 2011

The "Prize" of the ADK Firetower Challenge

As of this date, we have technically completed the ADK Firetower Challenge. We've climbed all five of the mountains in the Catskill Preserve. And we've climbed more than 18 of the 24 mountains in the Adirondack Preserve. We submitted this Blog to the ADK Saratoga/Glens Falls Chapter that sponsors the "Challenge." They approved us and sent us each the patch to the right which recognizes our accomplishment of completing the challenge. So we SHOULD be done with a feeling of great success under our belts. But, being the "over-achievers" that we are, we have vowed to do "every" firetower listed in the challenge. That will include the newest one, not even on the list yet, at Loon Lake Mountain in Franklin County. There will be a guidebook published on all of this by the spring of 2012. Twenty-seven of the 29 chapters in that upcoming book are already written. So stay with us! It's all great fun. (Three more to go!)

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