Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wakely Mountain - October 15, 2011

We left Glens Falls, NY on our way to Wakely Mountain, about 90 minutes away. The temperature was about 60 degrees with light winds and clear skies when we left. We hit intermittent rain showers along the way and decreasing temps. Upon arrival at the base, we donned raingear and headed up. Three miles and nearly 3 hours later, after an ascent of 1635 feet, we finally reached the summit at nearly 4000 feet. (3744 to be exact). The temp up there was 34 degrees, with heavy winds. While we were there, the rain turned to SNOW! In October!

The ten story firetower was impressive, but we couldn't climb it in those conditions. But it is done for the upcoming book, and we had a fun day of adventure and exercise, even if we didn't get to see those great views from the top we were promised. Maybe next year, on a CLEAR and much WARMER day. :-) Stay tuned, we still have two more towers to climb this year.

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